Over the decades Madison hasn’t only had a theater to show movies, but it has had movies shot in Madison. Some even with the Madison Theater in the shots. There is a scene in “Rich and Famous” (1981) with the Madison Theater. So there was likely a day in Madison where you could go to the Madison movie theater to see a movie with the Madison Movie Theater in a scene! How Meta.

Wikipedia has a nice list of films shot in Madison (and TV):

  • The Sopranos has a scene shot in the Drew campus (and at Rod’s Steak House)
  • A Beautiful Mind had scenes filmed at FDU
  • Guess Who (2005) had many shots of Madison
  • The World According to Garp has a shot of the Hartley Dodge Memorial Building 
  • One of the Boys (TV show) has a shot at Drew
  • Rich and Famous
  • So Fine
  • The Family Stone
  • Friday Night Lights (TV)
  • Pretty Little Liars (TV)
  • Deconstructing Harry has some scenes shot at Drew
  • The Hideaways

Here’s a a great NY Times article about Madison and its movie career. You especially have to respect the Times’ sense of geography: “Near Lincoln Square, with its four-screen movie theater, is an ice-cream parlor called McCool’s. ”

A Town Right Out of Central Casting

A shot from Pretty Little Liars… The Madison Theater is there somewhere in the upper left…

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