The neighborhood theatre isn’t just about history or a bygone era. It isn’t just about movies. It is about community. A vibrant part of any downtown was the theater. It draws people to the downtown, it is where neighbors can bump into each other and chat as they wait in line for the popcorn, it is an easy family experience that occurs OUTSIDE the living room.

That is why so many towns around the country have worked to save their theaters, often turning them into multi-use performing arts spaces (just as we propose). Movies, live theater, and more. They understand that once a theater is gone, such a building will never be built again in town.

It is nice to see headlines like this, but it would be much nicer if it was talking about the New Jersey town called Madison.

This N.J. town is trying to buy an endangered 1920s theater for $1.3M to save it from shutting down

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