If anyone tells you that movies are dead they are mistaken. In the era of Netflix and Hulu the movie business is thriving. In 2018 the domestic box office finished off with a record 11.85 Billion (with a B).

Because going to the movies isn’t just about watching the movie. It is going out, it’s a date, it is a shared experience with friends, family, and community, and unlike watching a movie at home there are no phone calls, no laundry, no dishes, and no other distraction beyond just watching a good movie on a big screen.

Small non-profit theaters are a viable alternative to the big chains and have become vibrant parts of their communities. We have many resources on our website showing the viability of theaters and the positive economic impact they have for local businesses. Check it out on our resource page: https://www.savemadisontheater.org/resources/

Check out our Non-Profit Theater Survey and see how many attendees these theaters have: https://www.savemadisontheater.org/…/Non-Profit-Theater-Sur…

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