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Historic Preservation Committee Meeting

UPDATE:  Saxum (the developer) has appealed the HPC’s mandatory requirements:

  1. They don’t want a theater in their building.
  2. They want to demolish the building now without waiting on permits for their new building.
  3. They want to be able to build a building that exceeds the height restrictions of the historic district.

There were six Historic Preservation meetings leading up to the final resolution. All six meetings are available to watch on our Video Page.  The final meeting they also voted on SMT’s Request for HPC Reconsideration, please read it if you have not had the opportunity.

If you are the type that likes transcripts instead of videos, transcripts for three of the six meetings can be found here:

In the meetings the Developer and town presented multiple documents, they are here for you to read.  

Historic Reviews:

Engineering Report:

Architectural Documents:

Madison and the Lyon’s Madison Movie Theater are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It is part of Madison’s historic district.  Learn more about Madison’s Historic Preservation Commission, code, and ordinances:

The Madison Theater is not just a place for the community to come together and see movies, it is also a unique building that introduces Madison to train goers everyday.  A great documentary on the importance of preserving our history is this documentary on the destruction of The Original Penn Station.

Saving the Madison Theater as a building isn’t enough.  We would like the theater to be a going concern for generations to come.  The theater’s 100th anniversary is just around the corner. 

The theater could be run as a non-profit supporting local arts while still showing movies.  A community performing arts hub and a great place to see movies with the kids – right in the heart of downtown.  

One local theater, The Penn Theatre of Plymouth, Michigan has learned of our fight and has sent words of encouragement:

If Plymouth, MI can do it, so can Madison, NJ.

Additional resources related to the economic impact of a local theater: